In recent years, the American Fund has been fortunate to receive a number of donations with no suggested recipient.  In keeping with our mission, the Board has chosen to create Knowledge Africa, a program designed to support a wide range of community-based educational opportunities across the African continent.  Through this program, as long as funds last, the American Fund Board will directly award member charities with additional grant support.  This year’s recipient will receive a gift of $20,000.00.

Selection Process
Each year, with the assistance of the Executive Director, a Board committee selects three charities to be invited to apply for additional support through Knowledge Africa.  All invited charities will have been previously evaluated as suitable grantees by the AFC Board.  The three charities are asked to provide application materials describing how the additional funds will be used. The Board committee evaluates this information and makes a recommendation. The award recipient must be approved by the full Board.

To our Donors
The AFC Board is committed to Knowledge Africa and works with our donors to ensure the program will continue in the future.  In the event that you would like to make additional charitable donations but are unsure of how or where your gifts may best be directed, please consider Knowledge Africa.  In this program, the due diligence of the Board will ensure that your donation will be used by a charity with a meaningful project and a record of effective program development and financial management.

Due to the current Ebola crises in West Africa this year the board have decided to support three charities helping communities to deal with this difficult and dangerous situation.

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