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Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund is a tax-deductible account at a grant-making charity that is funded by an individual donor. The donor advises the grant-making charity on what projects to support with funds from the donor’s account.  Such requests may be made at any time.

Is it easy to set up a Donor Advised Fund?

Setting up a Donor Advised Fund with the American Fund for Charities requires completion of an application form. Once your application is approved by the AFC Board, your account will be open and available to you. We ask for an initial deposit of $5,500 to open the account. This covers a one time-set-up fee of $500 and establishes the minimum fund balance of $5,000.

How Does it work?

All gifts to your Donor Advised Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can add to your fund whenever you like and with whatever amount you choose.

You can also suggest grant recipients when it suits you. These charities must have been successfully evaluated by the AFC. The Board, which by law must approve all award decisions, meets bimonthly.
You may give your fund a name such as ‘The John Smith Charitable Gift Fund’ or ‘The Smith Family Charitable Gift Fund.’
Please note that the Board of the American Fund reserves the right to refuse a name if in the
view of the board the name is inappropriate.

Having a Donor Advised fund gives you the freedom to make deposits at any time and suggest
donations to your supported charity projects whenever you wish.

The board of the American Fund is always interested to hear from our donors about worthwhile projects they support.


• A Donor-Advised Fund is a convenient and flexible form of making charitable donations that enables the funds you place in your account to be used to support diverse charities at a time of your choosing.
• Your tax deduction is recognized at the time you send funds to your American Fund account. You do not have to wait for their further distribution.
• A Donor-Advised Account is a cost-effective way of supporting charities worldwide as the AFC retains a smaller percentage than our single gift service.
• Yu can be assured that the AFC has thoroughly evaluated all grant recipients, and that your gifts will be used as you intend.
• You may make your grant suggestions at any time.
• The AFC provides project expenditure reporting as requested.

What costs are involved?

Annual account statement example                             :

Charity Evaluation - The board of the American Fund can only make gifts to an organization it has evaluated as a suitable grantee.

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